water damage mobile phone repair

Water Damage Phone Repairs and Data recovery

Water damage phone repair is provided at Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs,

We have been in the business of saving precious phones for a while and we have the tools and equipment to avert iPhone water damage so you won’t have to lose important files.

Is my iPhone Waterproof?


Even smartphones are thought to be made “waterproof”  in this modern era of technology. However, one should read between the lines the actual important details about the phone which often reveals that its only ‘water resistant. Most of the big brands like Apple, Samsung Galaxy, OPPO, Huawei, Motorola, and Nokia; even do not even take water damage as part of their warranty policy. So is the water damage phone repair possible?

The latest smartphones such as the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 pro-Max are IP68 water-resistant. Head over here to learn more.

It is not rocket science that water damages electronic devices exposed to water where the motherboard having many small parts mounted on it can spike a current resulting in short-circuit, and finally, your phone shuts down or even die forever. This water exposure starts a chemical reaction which results in the forming of green moldy patches on the motherboard. This is where iPhone X water damage repair is necessary to cleanse the motherboard using effective chemicals.


So when you drop your phone in water, what do you do to give your water-damaged device the best chance of survival…or at least the best hope of successful data recovery?

Take the device out of the water and turn it off if possible! Water and electricity do not mix. Do your best to resist the urge to turn it on or plug it in “just for viewing.” This simple action can turn a repaired phone into a data recovery job very quickly!

Can Rice Do Any Good to Your water-Damaged Device?


There is a mere myth about rice that is no more than a psychological thing. This gives people the impression that they are doing something to the phone, but it’s no better than letting the phone air dry. Rice can’t do anything to remove corrosion, which often happens almost immediately, as seen in this picture:


corrosion due to water damage
water damage and corrosion due to liquid

Basically, if the phone can be taken to the phone repair experts, it should be opened while it’s still wet and all the liquid should be drained out or dried. Most of the time the corrosion can be seen immediately from the trace elements, such as salts and chlorides, which must also be removed from the plate with isopropyl alcohol liquid.  The best way to do is through ultrasonic cleaning equipment that ensures that all foreign material is washed out.
Oxidation is a quick phenomenon that occurs after cleaning the board to remove any oxidation that may have formed on the solder joints. In addition, all defective parts should be replaced and short circuits should be repaired.
Time is very important factor in this process, so the sooner you bring to Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs to go through the process, the better your chances of success to repair the water-damaged device.

We have a history of successful repair and recovery of liquid mobile phones, iPad, and laptops. In most cases, we can replace faulty parts and your phone can work normally within hours.

Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs does all types of repairs in Newcastle and Hunter. iPhone Battery Replacement, Screen Replacement, Motherboard Repair, Front camera replacement, charging port replacement, Speaker Replacement, iPhone repair Singapore iPhone charging port Replacement, iPhone Software Adjustment Service, Water Corrosion Repair.

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