Terms & Conditions

1. Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs will repair your device as agreed upon with you above. Unless your device is repaired under warranty, full payment of the amount invoiced is due upon the completion of repairs. Payment must be made before your device is returned to you. Unless otherwise specified, the amount invoiced includes charges for all parts and labour.

2. Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs does not warranty that it will be able to repair your device without loss of programs or data, or that it will be able to maintain the confidentiality of any data on your device. Please ensure that data is backed up and/or removed from your device as appropriate. In the case of accidental data loss or damage to your system or damage or data loss caused by already existing problems in your system such as viruses, misconfigured software, jailbreak or hardware problems/failures, you agree to hold Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs and any persons associated with or involved in the work being done for you harmless from any action, claims, liability or loss in respect of such data loss or damage. If any device is damaged or lost while in Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs custody, Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs’ liability will be limited to the cost of repairing the affected device or providing you with a replacement.

3. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs is not liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the performance of any repair services. Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs maximum liability for any and all damage shall not in any event exceed the payments received by Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs for services provided pursuant to these terms and conditions. Water damaged device repairs are not under any warranty and repairs might cause data loss in such devices. If your device is in a condition that restricts us to investigate any existing problems, we are only responsible for providing you with the repairs you demand. Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs is not liable for any existing issue other than the repairs that were agreed upon.

4. You must pay the full amount invoiced in respect of repairs carried out on your device and collect your device from Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs within 60 days of being notified by Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs that your device has been repaired and is ready for collection. If you do not collect your device within this period, Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs will consider your device abandoned and will provide you with notice to that effect. In the event that Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs considers your device abandoned and provides you with notice to that effect, Mayfield Cell Phone Repairs may, subject to any applicable provisions of law, dispose of your device in any manner.