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Phone Rescue 101: Can I Repair a Water-Damaged Phone?

Whether it’s from accidentally dropping it in the pool or getting caught in a rainstorm, you’d know that there’s nothing more frustrating than having a damaged phone due to water exposure. This situation can disrupt our daily routines and make them seem impossible, from glitchy screens to malfunctioning buttons. It can also prevent you from socialising with family and friends and working or studying efficiently. 

Fortunately, you are never alone in this predicament. Although feeling upset about this situation is understandable, you should also know why it happens. It’s also the best time to ask yourself, “Can I repair a phone that suffered from water damage?”

If you want to increase your chances of repairing your water-damaged phone, this article will enumerate the issues that can arise with this situation. We’ll also answer the commonly asked question. 

3 Issues That Can Arise with a Water-Damaged Phone

Before we can answer if you can repair a water-damaged phone, you must understand how liquid can harm your mobile device. This section will enumerate some issues that can occur due to water damage. 

1. Damage to Some of the Non-motherboard Components

Although the motherboard is usually considered the heart of the phone, many other non-motherboard components also play a critical role in the device’s overall performance. As a result, when they malfunction, they can affect a mobile phone’s efficiency and performance. 

Common issues that owners encounter with water damage include problems with the battery, screen, power button, and charging port. Identifying the faulty component is crucial, but replacing it is usually straightforward and not a significant concern once you do it.

2. Some Motherboard Components Short Out and Experience Irreparable Damage

Water entering a phone can cause a short circuit in the motherboard, which can have disastrous consequences. It can cause the phone to stop working, damage the motherboard beyond repair, and cause-specific components to malfunction, making it difficult to use the phone for even the most basic tasks.

In this situation, your phone becomes useless, like a paperweight. Although there are some ways to fix it with soldering, remember that it’s impractical and not cost-effective. 

3. Some Motherboard Wirings Corrode and Create a Shortage with Others

Sometimes, you can fix phone problems quickly. However, even the most skilled phone repair companies only have a 70% success rate. And to make things worse, about one-third of fixed phones will experience additional issues within a month.

Water damage to cell phones is like rust on a car. It develops slowly over time, and even if you clean it correctly, the remaining five per cent of corrosion and debris will continue to spread and cause problems with the phone’s functionality.

Are Water Damaged Cell Phones Tricky to Fix?

Many companies struggle to achieve a high success rate in water damage repairs due to various problems that can arise even after a fix seems successful. That’s why phone owners must have a warranty policy, as spending money on repairs only to purchase a new phone shortly after can be frustrating and expensive. 

Ultimately, the decision to repair a water-damaged phone is up to you. It may be worth it if it meets your needs, like salvaging important photos or holding out until you can upgrade. However, you must understand the potential risks and complications of professional fixes. Also, always ask about the warranty policy and get it in writing before leaving your phone with a repair shop.


Fixing a water-damaged phone can be tricky, as the liquid can affect the device’s motherboard and non-motherboard components. You could increase your chances of saving your phone from irreparable damage by understanding why it happens and immediately bringing it to a reputable repair shop. 

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